woensdag 6 april 2016

yes yes ... the original creators! WE ARE BACK

Vrijhaven has neglected this page

and was solely known through   https://www.facebook.com/vrij.haven.1   for a while but ... butbut

nieuwe tijden zijn aangebroken & from now on all things die je moet weten over onze Vrijhaven activiteiten will be published hier!!! ja, ja ja ja


dinsdag 19 juni 2012

23+24 june Fine Fleur festival Den Haag

Hello dear friends of Vrijhaven, coming weekend we present our Fine Fleur festival #2. Two evenings of live music with the finest French speaking freaks and local heroes, together with dj's Obscuriosa & friends and an art expo. Both evenings will take place at the warehouse of Maakhaven, decorated with objects by the infamous Refunc crew.
(the line-up is not the order of appearance per night)

TG Gondard is a Belgium beatmaker from Bruxelles, who produces neatly spastic outbursts of rhythmic synth and canned beats. Blown-out, seductively woozy, and pitch-shifted into oblivion, TG’s after-hours burners will appeal to anyone aching for some seedy dance-floor gold :: http://youtu.be/YjPwexGIfm8 

Dudu Geva (from Rennes and Bordeaux) is a collective of french lunatics, exploring combinations of psychedelic mayhem, blues, art brut, and progressive pop chord structures ... (it also deals with ugly kebabs, elohimian mysteries, dirty socks, phantorexia and cheap scifi philosophy.) They play a mix of Art Rock, Punk, Lo-Fi, Experimental, Parody and Improvisation by use of heavy guitars, bass, distorted electronics, drums and a male and female singer. They combine their music with theatrical performance, inspired by bands like The Residents and Captain Beefheart :: http://youtu.be/nWMCiATZ8EY 

El-g  uses a weird mix of french pop, drones and cut-up, psyche folk and dreamy experimental sounds; electronics breaking on nightmare-ish voice samples, and rhythms which emerge and then succumb to pseudo ambient dilation :: http://soundcloud.com/el-g-2 

Opera Mort is the duo consisting of El-g (living in Brussels at the moment) and Jonathan (MR.tanzprocesz). Opera Mort uses a batterie of electronics, fx, synthesizers to create proto-technoid music, electronic visitations, synthetic love, trance tunnels. With the use of processed evil vocals and raw broken beats their sound comes close to early Chris and Cosey or Coil :: http://vimeo.com/13797470 

The Dreams are a two-piece tropicalia/dub/glue wave band from France that play a spaced out, psychedelic mix of tribal post-punk, and French garage rock. It’s impossible to pin down or classify, but you’ll dance like your inner-stoner was set free into a tropical tiki party where the punks are all hanging out with the masters of reggae and dub, and everyone’s having a good time. Their first LP, "Morbido", contains an amazing mix of feeling and aesthetics that will instantly appeal to fans of early Rough Trade records, Trojan box sets, or modern Glue Wave French punks :: http://youtu.be/C4USHEJ7oag 


Mr. Labrador aka Sebastien Fournier from Rennes is a musician and visual artist, and co-founder of the L'agrippa festival in Bretagne, France and owner of the label Commence Par Maman. As Mr. Labrador he works with analogue sound installations with contact microphones, strange objects, telephone, looppedals and more. He creates desolate sounscapes, combined with krautlike rhythms coming from his installation, combined with fieldrecording samples coming from his phone :: http://youtu.be/8n8w5D_PXxM 

Swollen Left Foot is a solo music and performance project of SuperJean Francois Plomb where he takes on the character of Swollen Left Foot. "Great French People" (in French "Super Gens Français") was born and spent his childhood in an Indian reservation in the North of Washington, USA. He early became a great pow-wow dancer and singer. But the excesses of alcohol and tobacco when he was a young man caused him elephantiasis of the left leg, and compelled him to mechanics and bass guitars… then Great French People became SWOLLEN LEFT FOOT :: http://youtu.be/ly2dKebKz24

Fusiller is a soloproject of Jonathan, the main man behind the south French Tanzprocesz label, who uses overlapped loops from samplers, treated vocals, and a backwash of multiphonic electronic drones, and icecold rhythms to create an intense and dark atmosphere that recals the industrial music of Throbbing Gristle or Nurse with Wound, but with a very French attitude :: http://tanzprocesz.free.fr 

Santa Cruz (D-H) Latest project from Guy Tavares (Bunker, Motorwolf) together with Arthur from Orange Sunshine and Dorien. Insane and epic black acid fuzz drug rock metal, like old ZZ Top meets Danzig meets Goatsnake on chrystal meth. Very sinister, very insane, very dramatic and very heavy psychedelic/psychotic doom/drone/boogie/boner rock. Orange Sunshine's black ritual acid rock drug metal project :: http://youtu.be/ndyad229zzU 

City Hands (D-H) The Hague’s own Manuel Padding, from Helbaard fame and his own Silver Ghosts cassette label, will be improvising with electronics, hooked-up objects and small percussion:: " Meditative sonars echo through time where they collide in frantic rhythms that provide a peacefully uplifting soundtrack to a downhill ride through the cold and desolate night ..." :: http://youtu.be/2jtWH4wSbB4 

Both days there will be an art exposition with :: a wallpainting by Marjolijn van der Meij http://diaryofthecold.nl/ ; the installation "we make sauna" by Harold de Bree, Nick Tulinen and Laut Rosenbaum http://wemakesauna.tumblr.com/ ; a party installation by Wendy Manu ; a desolate sculpture by Sam Rees http://artnews.org/artist.php?i=4489 ; paintings by Bas Zoontjens http://artnews.org/baszoontjens 
Refunc will decorate the concert space ::  REFUNC is a laboratory for economical life-cycle extension and creates experimental structures and mobile micro architecture based on waste material streams. They refunctionalize  no longer appreciated objects into a new life on the edge of architecture, design and art :: http://refunc.nl/

Pierre Bastien (born Paris, 1953, momentarily living in Rotterdam) post-graduated in eighteenth-century French literature at University Paris-Sorbonne. In 1977 he built his first musical machinery. For the next ten years he has been composing for dance companies and playing with Pascal Comelade. In 1986 Bastien assembled his first music-generating machine from a turntable engine, a cymbal and a Meccano erector set; subsequent projects expanded upon the concept, culminating in the completion of his Meccano Orchestra, a piece in which nine traditional instruments -- among them a Moroccan rebab, a Yugoslavian mandolin, a Senegalese kora and a Javanese angklung -- are played by robotic contraptions rigged from motors and toys, complete with Bastien improvising on trumpet or violin. At the moment he concentrates on his solo performances, sound installations, recordings and collaborations with such artists as Pierrick Sorin, Karel Doing, Jean Weinfeld, Robert Wyatt or Issey Miyake :: http://youtu.be/dhkuQgiYQ0I 

Bonne Humeur Provisoire is a duo of performance artists from the barrel between Aubusson and Carcassonne in the south-west of France, and as the Dalida Duo they are the founding members of Suicide's Fanclub. They are always dressed in blue, are intrigued by taxidermy and they honor the years through the discovery of a stock of expired drugs from the 60's. For this project they use the sound of topping toys and modified cheap keyboards, guitar noise and crazy love. http://youtu.be/4J0w-70yaIk

Professor Azzacove (D-H) Project van Harold Vera dat zich muzikaal beweegt tussen kosmische synth space en donkere industrial drones."" Real hard and tough biker who, after roaming the globe on his Harley, is transcending his fighting days and started making beautiful free music. Riding his electronics like it’s going 70 mph on route 66 straight to the next horizon he overpowers with his strong and daring sounds. Original Den Haag dude"" :: http://soundcloud.com/professor-azzacove 

Dominique Manu (FR/D-H) Dominique Manu is a French artist who currently lives in Den Haag. His songs are pretty uneasy listening:: raw keyboard melodies accompanied by a fragile voice that tells fragmented stories … the music evokes visions of Martin Rev collaborating with Felix Kubin on a soundtrack for a nouvelle vague film or with a hungover Ian Curtis on a can-can show.

Le Cercle des Mallissimalistes will present "LE MOIRE" a piece by the composer B. De Cocagne. This composition dates from 1978 and the interpretation of Le Cercle (in an avant- rock manner, with members from Chocolat Billy, laSTPO, Glen or Glenda and France Sauvage...) allows them to enter in a misjudged work, thanks to a meticulous task of retranscription and faithfull adaptation to the spirit of Bélibaste De Cocagne. With the use of muddy, layered electronics, repetitive guitars riffs and motoric drumming they make this composition sound dark and bombastic :: http://vimeo.com/30185174 

France Sauvage are three dark brown freaks in search of fire, and their improvisations are both fragile and violent. The band showes traces of Volcano The Bear or Faust :: http://vimeo.com/36711676 

donderdag 24 mei 2012

fine fleur festival #2

... from improv drone psyche rock to experimental electronics and beyond ...

soon more ...

maandag 12 maart 2012

vrijhaven zaterdag 24 maart 2012

---Vrijhaven presenteert:---

The Doozer (uk)
pure psychedelia, evoking memories of Syd Barrett

Guido Möbius (d)
chopped up electronic grooves Sonig style

Mik Quantius (d)
unique vocal alchemist, member of Embryo

Man From Uranus (uk)
retro-futuristic music from a parallel universe

Salò Mentale (with Unit Moebius) (nl)
darkly romantic avant-pop 80's reworks

Dj's: EGGBLOOD (uk) Obscuriosa & Dunkle Gestalte

ZATERDAG 24-03-2012 DEUR 20:30 ENTREE 5 EURO

donderdag 20 oktober 2011

vrije geesten festival

Het Vrije Geesten festival
Tuesday 25 Oktober

Vrijhaven together with Silver Ghosts present:
(Rene Hell sadly had to cancel)

raga dream meditation unit

horror space sounds straight from the freak zone

club music for the apocalypse

drone wave no mind patterned lunar pulse

modern instrumental heavy folk musings

synth master night creature

electronic free thinkers

plus Obscuriosa & Silver Ghosts Dj's, Millegomme deco & instant art by Monsieur Hubert


donderdag 6 oktober 2011

vrijhaven 11 oktober

Vrijhaven presents:

Beautiful dream-dementia pop with NNCK member

Black Twig Picking Banjo
Frequent Jack Rose collaborator

Fragile dark keyboard pop

Hope for happiness

Exposition of paintings and drawings

Tue 11 october
Stortenbekerstraat 207
Den Haag
Pizza party starts at 19:00
(3 euros for all you can eat home made pizza, choose your own toppings!)
Bands 20:30